Who is AONA?

Put quite simply, you are!
AONA exists to keep you informed and engaged with your neighborhood community. We bring you facts and issues that impact your quality of life.
AONA residents reside within its boundaries of Indian School Road to Thomas Road, 40th to 56th Street.
We want you to be “in the know” on everything AONA! We feel informed residents are critical to the progress and preservation of our Arcadia Osborn life, for ourselves, our children, our schools, and our future.
We have an annual meeting usually held in November, and we welcome you to join us and meet your AONA.

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What does AONA do and why is it important?

Positively monitor, work with, and negotiate, as needed, with builders and businesses to ensure AONA residents have a strong and clear voice regarding builds, zoning or variance changes to prevent negative impact on:

• property values
• resident safety and lowering crime
• neighborhood aesthetics

Attend and be vocal in City of Phoenix City Council and Camelback Village Planning meetings

Promote community involvement through neighborhood events and gatherings.

• Annual All-AONA breakfast in November
• Cross Cut Canal Clean up walk quarterly
• Safety & Security demos with local Police and Canine Team and Firemen
• Sponsor speaking events for City Official Town Hall meeting

Inform and educate AONA residents on essential issues that may impact individual homeowner rights with vetted factual drama-free information.

AONA Accomplishments



Have you ever used the Old Cross Cut Canal Park that runs from Indian School to McDowell? You have have? Great! AONA was as BIG BIG part of that project!

Originally, SR 143 was going to run all the way through what is now the park and end at Indian School. But, AONA pioneers Rita Maguire & Rob Beckett rallied the neighborhood, spent countless free hours, and worked to get the funding to create and realize the park we have today. AONA was the force that preserved the very neighborhood we enjoy today.



There things going on all the time, some you might notice and others, well, maybe not. One thing we know for sure, this neighborhood of ours is one of the hottest and desired zip codes in the Phoenix Metro area. We attract more and more families each year looking for this special living we enjoy each day.

Our Community Leaders

Sal DiCiccio

Phoenix City Councilman – District 6

Councilman DiCiccio is our connection into the Phoenix council when issues arise or changes are needed in our community.


Ashley Boudreau

Phoenix Police Community Action Officer

Officer Laufer is our direct contact with the Phoenix Police Department. She helps bring vital information regarding crime and safety to help keep Arcadia a great place to live.

Ashley Boudreau, #9056