Proposed subdivision 3127 North 40th St.

A zoning hearing was held on March 2, 2017 for the property at 3127 North 40th Street requesting it be subdivided under the Planned Residential Development (PRD) designation into 10 residential lots. In addition to the subdivision into lots, it also requests extending Campus Drive (which currently dead-ends halfway into the lot) from 41st Street to connect to 40th Street. The matter has been taken under advisement by the hearing officer Mr. Weidner. Neighbors and the Arcadia Osborn Neighborhood Association presented objections to the subdivision of this lot for the following reasons:

– Out of character with the neighborhood. Most properties are single-family one-story homes on 10,000 sf lots. Developer wants to break the property up into single family home lots of about 6,000 sf each with ability for lot buyers to build either one or two story(30 ft. tall) homes. The developer said they are selling lots, not building homes. Said it is up to the lot buyer to define what they will build.
– Two-story homes- All residents object to two story homes, especially those who will have two-story homes looking into their back yards
– Setbacks reduced from 25 feet to 15 feet for one-story and 25 to 20 feet for two-story
– Too dense- The developer wants to build 10 homes. Under current R1-6 zoning, they might be able to build 7-8 homes.
– Flooding- neighbors on properties south of the site on Campus Dr. have experienced flooding in the past. There is a retention basin in site plan; however with more roofs and driveways and less open ground to retain water, they are more likely to be flooded with run-off from homes than from open field and tree covered lot now on the site.
– Traffic will increase- Campus is currently a dead end from 41st. St. It is being cut through all the way from 41st. to 40th. St.

If you wish to voice questions or concerns, please call the City of Phoenix Planning and Development Department at 602-262-7131 or email to and reference Zoning Adjustment Application ZA-40-17.

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  • James Kottke Reply

    Zoning is in place for a reason – It protects the privacy, density and value of a neighborhood. Unless there is a specific neighborhood restriction, two story homes can be built in R1-6 with 30′ maximum height. But all current set backs, lot width minimums and lot coverages should be maintained as stated in R1-6.

    • Crystal Develis Reply

      Thank you for your comment James. In the first zoning hearing this subdivision was approved. AONA is filing a formal appeal on behalf of the neighbors. This proposed subdivision also includes a proposal to connect Campus Drive from 41st Street to 40th Street, making a new thoroughfare. There is an additional issue of drainage. The lots to the south of Campus Drive routinely flood now in heavy rains. If the natural flora is disrupted, the runoff will be even more significant, potentially causing damage to the homes of those neighbors. Stay tuned, because if this subdivision is ultimately approved, there will most assuredly be requests to alter the setbacks significantly and the City of Phoenix is very inclined to approve those.

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