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Date:     Saturday, October 28 Time:   2:00 - 5:00 PM Place:   Shemer Art Center - 5005 E. Camelback Rd, The Arcadia Camelback Mountain Neighborhood Association (ACMNA) and the Arcadia Osborn Neighborhood Association (AONA) have teamed together to sponsor our Annual Neighborhood BBQ and Picnic. This year's event will be bigger and better than ever, everything is complimentary so don't miss it.  WE NEED VOLUNTEERS AT 10 AM FOR SETUP. Sponsored by: A to Z Equipment, Chik-Fil-A, Rita's Italian Ice, Speedpro Imaging, Phoenix Police Department, Phoenix Fire Department.  Supported by: Shemer Art Center.   Our G.A.I.N* Picnic is an annual event designed to encourage neighbors from all over Arcadia to meet, greet and get to know what our neighborhood is about. This event will showcase the importance of police-community partnerships and citizen involvement. Your neighborhood association will provide games for kids, first responder demonstrations and other fun activities (yes, the kids can get inside a fire truck and police car!). This is a family event, it's neighborly, it's fun, and everything is free - hamburgers, hot dogs, sodas, Rita's Italian Ice, popcorn, games, live music, bounce house, several activity tents, and even a balloon animal twister.

  (Parking is limited, but there is plenty of room for bikes)

* Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods  

G.A.I.N. Oct 28 at Shemer, 2-5 pm

In July of 2014, City of Phoenix council members moved to adopt two new ordinances aimed at promoting Complete Streets. They aim to take a holistic view of how our streets are designed, developed, marked and managed. This will hopefully allow us to transition our thoroughfares to the future in a way that allows them to continue to be relevant in the face of demographic and technology changes. In today's ever-changing world, it's hard to imaging how we will be transporting ourselves in the future. What we do know is that there are and will be people on our streets using methods other than private automobile. We have those who are on foot, those in wheelchairs, as well as those on bicycles, scooters and skateboards. The vehicles also come in several classes besides private auto -- freight carriers, heavy equipment, and emergency responders, to name a few. In the future we may have self-driving cars, personal mobility devices like the Segway, or some new and exciting technology not yet imagined. The SAVES and Connects 56th Street Group is working with the City to make 56th Street a Complete Street. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we refer you to the City of Phoenix link that describes this initiative well.  

SAVES and Connects 56th Street Group

Residents actively engaged to address Safety, Aesthetics, Volume, Enjoyment, Speed and Connectivity along the56th Street Corridor in the Arcadia neighborhood.

What are Complete Streets?

  SIGNS OF THE TIMES IN ARCADIA- by Wally Graham   Arcadia is known for green grass, large irrigated lots, mature trees, shady streets, and walkable, bikeable, friendly neighborhoods. During a recent drive through Arcadia, I saw three things that are signs and symbols our community is growing and changing: In a recent conversation with a real estate friend, I learned our community is one of the fastest growing and most desirable areas to live in Phoenix. She said jokingly, “growth can be measured by the number of dumpsters in front of houses that are being remodeled on almost every street in the area”. Growth can also be measured by new homes being constructed, and new retail shops or restaurants that have opened to join old standbys like LGO, Chelsea’s Kitchen, Jade Palace, The Teepee, T. Cooks, etc. Arcadia is also experiencing generational changes. Young families are moving in as older families sell and downsize. I was talking with contractor and long-time resident Barry Paceley the other night. Barry and his wife Joan sponsor the annual 4th. of July picnic neighborhood picnic at their home on Osborn Rd. Barry said they had almost 500 guests this year. The big thing they noticed was the number of three-generation families who stopped by. They had more young children running around and having fun this year than in the past. I chided Barry and said, “you may have to put up an inflatable bounce house next year”. He laughed, and we agreed young children are a positive sign of the times changing in Arcadia. Young families with children are returning to Arcadia. Have you seen the signs of that change on your block? Below is a picture of signs of the times. Parents from Veritas, Archway and Ingleside schools gathered to remind drivers on 56th. St. and Indian School Rd. to slow down. Many Arcadia children walk to schools, and they play in both back and front yards. Long time residents tell me it has always been that way. Victoria Canada is one parent who decorates her lawn with signs to remind drivers to watch out for her youngsters as we drive through her neighborhood. Victoria is both a mom and a businessperson. She is a professional wedding planner, but she takes time to be actively involved in her community. People have stopped by her house to ask where she gets her signs. Victoria and many other parents want us to pay attention to kids at play as we drive in our community. For yard signs, go to Thanks-- SAVES and Connects 56th. Street Committee. SAVES is a committee formed by the Arcadia Osborn and the Arcadia Camelback Mountain Neighborhood Associations. The Associations joined with parents from Scottsdale Unified schools, parents from Great Hearts schools, Councilman DiCiccio, Phoenix Traffic Department, CivTech Traffic Engineers, and others to address Safety, Aesthetics, Volume, Enjoyment, Speed and Connectivity along 56th. Street. For more info about the SAVES and Connects 56th. St. Committee, join the mail list to stay informed. Press this link               56th Street Project Information Email List

Signs of the Times

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